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zTV Remote

zTV Universal Sleep Timer Remote

zTV Universal Sleep Timer Remote

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The zTV Sleep Timer Remote simplifies the process of setting a sleep timer on your television. Rather than navigating through numerous menus, the device allows you to easily set the timer in 15 minute intervals with a single click of a button. This efficient method of programming a sleep timer provides an improved sleep experience for the user, who can now quickly and conveniently fall asleep with their TV on. It's more than a universal TV remote, it's a sleep aid device that will improve the quality of your sleep!

Double sided Velcro and Battery are included. All remotes are preprogrammed for Samsung TVs.

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How The zTV Remote Works

The zTV is a simple device to use and setup. Below is some info to guide you in using the zTV but you can also download the full instructions at the link below.

Timer Function:

Once programmed (see below) the zTV acts as a universal remote just like the sleep timer on your TV. One click on the “push button” (1) sets the timer to turn off your TV in 15 minutes. Two quick clicks will set the timer to 30 minutes, and three clicks to 45 minutes, etc. You can click the “push button” as mentioned above to restart the timer delay at any time. The LED will blink green once for every 15-minute increment.

TV Power ON and OFF:

Push and hold the button for 2 sec will turn the TV on or off. The LED will blink green once when the two-second period has expired to let you know you can release the button.

zTV Remote Features


Press and hold the “Push Button” (1) for 15 seconds or until the LED flashes green five times rapidly, indicating ready to programming was successful. Before 10 seconds, aim your TV remote about 6 inches away towards the “Programming Receiver” (5), then press your remote power button once quickly without holding. If the LED flashes green, this will indicate programming is complete and successful. If the LED flashes red, this indicates that programming failed or timed out [limited to 10 seconds for programming]. Repeat the steps above if the programming failed. If you have tried a few times and was not programmed successfully, replace the battery and try again. If you can not program successfully after all the steps above, please contact us at

zTV Universal Remote Sleep Timer Setup

Change Battery:

Use a small flat screwdriver to open the zTV remote to change the CR2032 coin cell battery (battery included). Make sure the battery’s top marking (positive ) faces the top surface of the zTV device .

Universal Remote Battery


Make sure the “Top Emitter” (2) or “Front Emitter ” (3) is facing towards the television and has a clear unobstructed path. The double sided tape can be used to place the device on any surface. Most common locations are the nightstand top or side surfaces or the headboard of your bed. [For example, if placing the remote vertically on the bed post, you would want the top sensor to face the TV.]

Remote Sleep Timer Placement